This space is an emerging project focused on the needs and understanding of gifted men with autism (otherwise known as 2/e or twice-exceptional). My acronym for gifted men with autism is 2eAm. The services offered can be conceived as a personal guide for 2eAm who choose to commit to their call of action and begin their journey towards psychological wholeness. 

The experience of a 2eAm is uncommon and different. The prevalence of this psychological profile is rare. This rarity leads to, frequently, 2eAm experiencing a misunderstanding of self, a pretzaling of who they are to navigate the world, and a masking manner of existence. Internal psychological Olympics may occur to reconcile the experienced difference perceived in self to the neuromajority. Frequently described as a feeling of being alien and non-humanlike on planet Earth.

I work with committed, engaged, and psychologically stable 2eAm to (re)discover their authentic expression of self. The journey includes exploring your psychological parts, finding blocks (i.e., barriers to essential parts of your authentic self), and discovering if they are an external influence or internal mechanism that either hinder or progress your integration of the psychological parts to engage with the world in a psychologically whole, self-resourced sense of the relation between self and beyond.

Meet John Syc, MSW, MaIOP

My background includes my own 2eAm discovery leading to my own call to action for integration and a life commitment to the path of higher levels of consciousness in tandem with psychological wholeness. My lifelong personal journey, a psychological and social work advanced educational background, and over ten years of being a psychotherapist provide insight that I share with my clients on their journey.

Presently, I offer 60-minute or 90-minute coaching sessions Internationally through a video-conference-based medium (e.g., Zoom) at a rate of USD 200.00 per hour; thereafter pro-rated accordingly.

I encourage you to reach out if you are ready to begin your journey’s call to action. Reach out today at